SEKELMAAN provides photographic, graphic and website design services.

The word, SEKELMAAN, is the Afrikaans translation for the crescent moon. Since the beginning of our human memory, the moon has been adding to a collection of stories, poems and beliefs in which she displays natural, supernatural or spiritual powers. My main motive in choosing this name was inspired by the real subtlety and mystery of her light.

Since 2004 I've been using the Canon 20D, a digital work horse that delivers high resolution RAW or JPG files.

Old fashioned black & white film photography is my favorite medium. To me, the whole process of taking and printing a photo from film has an organic nature. Most of my b&w photographs are taken with a medium format Bronica ETRS. On travels I use an old Olympus OM 10 which is more backpack friendly than the brick heavy Bronica or the digital Canon 20D. Film processing and printing are done in my darkroom. Digital photo's are high resolution JPG, TIFF or RAW files.

Graphic projects include sketching, logo design, business cards, brochures, posters etc. and are determined by the needs of the customer.

Please browse through my website to view samples of work and feel free to contact me about this.

Thank you, Christine Fourie